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Mission Statement
To inspire women to be self reliant, confident, and independent; to do things for and by themselves; and to always act with graceful courage when facing a decision or challenge. 


The Sirentology community is made up of female ocean athletes. The goal is to spread the stories of courageous water women in an effort to inspire others to get their feet wet. Young or seasoned, the next generation of female ocean athletes just needs to hear the stories of women at all stages of their career enjoying the aquatic environment. 


To accomplish this, Sirentology deploys a blog and podcast that conducts “a deeper study of the female ocean athlete.” In short 15-30 minute episodes, women from around the world can enjoy inspirational stories as well as the latest science in female athletics while enjoying a cup of “Siren Song” coffee. Proceeds from Siren Song coffee fund the production of the podcast, with any remaining funds directly supporting the Sirentology network of female athletes. 

To apply for Athlete Support from Siren Song Coffee, Click Here.

To become a member of the community, access the forum, and receive regular updates, Click Here

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